60FPS vs 120FPS: Which is the Best Frame Rate for Gaming?

Most gamers are concerned about the visualization of gaming. A clear vision not only creates ease for playing games but also improves your gaming experience. FPS (Frames Per Second) plays an important role when it comes to visual performance.

FPS or Frames per Second, The total Number of Frames passed per second is called FPS. Frames are images displayed on the Screen. E.g: 60fps means 60 images are consecutively displayed per second. So higher the FPS the better the visual on screen

Some people think that human eyes do not observe more than 60fps and they think 120fps is useless for gaming. Which is totally wrong. If humans can’t observe more than 60fps then why do we see image or video differences between 120fps and 60fps? 

The main difference between 60FPS vs 120FPS is visual performance. 60fps offers less visual performance and more Latency compared to 120fps offers more visual Performance and less latency. In short, 120FPS is better than 60FPS for better visual Performance it increases your gaming visualization. More it helps to see a clear object in games.

Comparision Between 60FPS vs 120FPS

The comparison between 60FPS and 120FPS is clear in the below videos and Images. The more Number frames displayed per second the more clear it has.

Comparison between 60fps vs 120fps– credit- Anto Gibran

The smoothness of Motion: The main difference between low and high FPS is the smoothness of motion. The higher the FPS more the smoothness. The lower the FPS the lower the smoothness. 120 FPS is more clear and Smoothness compared to 60FPS.

Clarity of Quick Movement: Playing games like a shooter, Racing is a kind of game that included Quick Movement. The 120FPS help more clarity as compared to 60FPS. This kind of more appears clear in 120FPS.

In general, The file Size of 120FPS is larger than 60FPS. Which can affect the lower storage space and slower Internet connections. The 120FPS offers more smoothness, and natural-looking visual images, and helps during fast-paced scenes. 

60FPS vs 120FPS: Which One Is Best for Gaming?

Now you have enough knowledge about 60FPS and 120FPS. What is the best fit for your gaming pc? Both 60fps and 120fps are good for gaming. In general, 120fps is the clear winner in terms of visual performance.

What is best for your gaming pc? It depends on two factors one what kind of games you play and second what hardware you used. If you play such games the graphics work fine with 60fps. Even if you update to 120fps the visual performance effect is. 

Secondly, if you thinking to use 120fps but your hardware is not capable to provide 120fps then improving from 60fps to 120fps is useless until you update the whole system hardware which supports 120fps. 

120FPS is better for heavy games and games which need great visual performance such as shooters, racing games, and fighting games. The games like PUBG, Fortnite, and other fighting games need 120FPS for accuracy and the best gaming experience.

 Playing on 120FPS gives more visual performance and improves the gaming experience. At 120 FPS Any moment or object will appear more clear as compared to 60 FPS.

Hardware needed to Play on 120FPS 

60FPS is the normal Frames rate that is most commonly used by Gamers, screens,s and Laptops. Normally All hardware supports a 60FPS frame rate. Now to achieve the 120FPS you need to require more powerful hardware than needed for 60FPS.

You need the best graphic card that sends 120 frames per second and a monitor that supports 120hz or 144hz Refresh rates. Improving the hardware can help you achieve 120FPS gaming on a PC. if your hardware can’t handle 120FPS then you need to upgrade the Graphic card and monitor that support 120FPS. 

You may face some issues if you change the setting of fps but if your hardware can’t afford to handle the 120fps. You may face stuttering or any issues. 

If you can’t afford a heavy graphics card here the GPU is under 500$ and supports 120FPS. If you are limited by your hardware and can not upgrade it. Then it’s ok to play 60fps it is still a good choice at 60FPS.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 60FPS and 120FPS.

Advantages 60FPS:

  • Smoother gaming Experience 
  • All older Hardware supports 60FPS
  • Universally supported 

Disadvantages of 60FPS:

  • Lower Visual effects on modern games
  • Determined in fast games
  • Limitations in VR

Advantages of 120FPS:

  • Smoother Gameplay than 60FPS
  • Reduced the latency 
  • No lag
  • Excellent Visual Clarity for games

Disadvantages of 120FPS:

  • Needed More Powerful hardware
  • Not universal supported


 The 60fps offers 60 frames per second which are universal and most PC and Laptops are supported and widely used. On the other hand, 120fps offers 120 frames per second which are best for smoothness and quick motion games. This is also required powerful hardware.

If you play games or video which is comfortable with 60fps then no need to upgrade to 120fps. If you are keen to play heavy games on smoothness then it is recommended to upgrade to 120FPS which is more advanced than 60FPS.

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