ARGB vs RGB: What,s the Difference?

Most gaming PC is full of LED lights which are normally called RGB but there is another type as well which is ARGB. Do you come across to know what the difference is between ARGB and RGB? You may have many questions about ARGB vs RGB  like which one is better? All those questions will be answered Here in this Guide keep reading.

RGB (RED, GREEN, BLUE) is the combination of these colors. The difference between ARGB and RGB is.RGB colors can be set across all LEDs with a single color. While ARGB stands for ( Adressabe RED, GREEN, BLUE) which is an advanced version of RGB which set every Individual Color in each LED. ARGB gives more aesthetic looks than simple RGB.

For Instance, a LEDs Lights Strip has 50 LEDs in the case of RGB all the LEDs will have the same Color Combination of RGB you cant change single LEDs light with a different color from others. While In ARGB you can change single LEDs with different Colors so every Individual LED has different Color and can be recycled.

I hope you get the answer to the main difference between RGB vs ARGB. For Complete Information Keep Reading…..

What is RGB ( Red, Green, Blue)?

RGB is a Combination of (RED, GREEN, BLUE) Color which create a Different kind of Colors from these main three colors to display on a screen or LED. it creates Million of other Related Colors from Intensities of RED, GREEN, and BLUE. 

RGB can be used on Computer Hardware and Peripherals like graphic cards, monitors, and keywords. GPU used RGB for images and Videos while Monitor display used RGB for Images. Keyboards used RGB lighting keys. PC Gamers used RGB for Gaming Setup for an Aesthetic look. 

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RGB can be used for different purposes but is mostly used by PC gamers to give fantastic look to their Gaming PC and Peripherals. Such as gaming mice, keyboards, CPU coolers, Monitors, and PC cases.

What is ARGB?

ARGB stands for (Addressable RGB) which is a color used in the Computer Hardware and Peripherals to give visual effects. Now you might things that the difference RGB cannot be set on Individual LEDs while ARGB can be set to different colors on every Individual led. so that it gives a more aesthetic look than simple RGB. 

In ARGB pixel is represented by four colors all RGB and Alpha. The Combinations of these colors create 16 Million different Colors. The advantage of ARGB is to create more complex lighting effects. As each LED is controlled differently.  

ARGB is more customization and can make hardware more visual and vibrant with higher color depth.

What’s The Difference Between RGB And ARGB?

As we already give a touch to the difference between RGB vs ARGB. The main difference is that ARGB strips have individual Colors of LED and Intensity while the other side RGB strips can have one color of the whole strip. The ARGB is a more Customizable and advanced version of RGB.

ARGB vs RGB removebg preview
Image: Left side is RGB and on Right side is ARGB

These are mainly used in gaming systems for aesthetic looks. RGB is used in the gaming system. It is used in the internal system or output devices like mice, and keyboards. RGB strip color can change the whole strip color in the case of RGB. while in the ARGB you can change the parts of the strip you want.

Is ARGB Better than RGB?

Yes ARGB is better than RGB because it is more customizable and flexible. you can create Million of different Colors Combinations with ARGB. it creates unlimited color, effects, and styles. You can control all these functions from the control box or Software. From there you can change the colors and other settings of ARGB.

 In Short ARGB vs RGB which is better? ARGB is an advanced version of RGB. if RGB is working fine for your system if you are not keen on visual or Color Oriented.


I hope all the Queries in your Mind are Clear. ARGB is an advanced version of RGB which gives more aesthetic looks than RGB. Which one to select? Of course, ARGB if you want to Customize the Lighting setup of your Gaming PC to the next level. If you are using RGB and working fine then no need to move to ARGB. but if you want to Improve lighting in many ways just go for ARGB. Thanks.

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