Best DDR5 RAM for Core i9-12900k

In this article, we will discuss DDR5 Ram for the 12th Generation. Intel 12th Generation with Alder lake processors has been launched finally. Intel intends it to be more efficient and fast than AMD Ryzen Processors which are more used for gaming. The brand new 10nm Alder Lake architecture comes with Intel Core i9-12900k chips which support DDR5 RAM. Our main focus is to list the best DDR5 RAM for intel core i9 12900k

The 12th Generation core CPU  is new for most users. Choosing DDR5 RAM for Intel core i9 12900k is quite challenging. DDR5 is not only faster but full of Frequency with limited voltage. This article will help to pick of best DDR5 RAM for your Intel i9-12900k system.

Our Recommendation Best DDR5 RAM for core i9-12900k

T force ram

best premium DDR5 Ram



: Brand | TEAM GROUP : RAM Memory Technology | DDR5 : Compatible Devices | Desktop


Best overall performance

High overclocking potential

Up to 6400Mhz  Memory speed

Beautiful RGB lighting


Bit expensive

Here is Another Best DDR5 RAM for gaming called T- Force Delta RGB DDR5 with Frequency speed up to 6200Mhz gaming pc memory.

The T- Force Delta RGB DDR5 RAM is available in five different frequencies which are 6400 Mhz, 6200 Mhz, 6000 Mhz, 5600 Mhz, and 5200 Mhz. T-force Delta RGB DDR5 is the best choice for i9 – 12900k users. It has a cool design and RGB-enabled lighting.

Which one you have to buy is a question which depends on your budget and requirement. If your budget is tight go with a 32GB (16GB x 2 ) frequency of 6400Mhz. T-force Delta RGB DDR5 supports intel XMP 3.0 for one-click overclocking.

The T- Force Delta RGB DDR5 is one of the best-performing memory kits across all sides its speed is enough for any high PC gaming or any heavy task. It provides higher Frequency and stable conditions.

Team Group T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 memory is tested by our team it has the fastest DIMMs we ever tested although running on its default Frequency. It maintains the output of our demanded speed during the test. The Amazing performance of 6200 Mhz will provide output to your desktop PC. we would strongly recommend you go for it and buy it.

corsair dominator

Best Premium RAM for gaming

CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5


: Brand | Corsair : Computer Memory Size | 32 GB : RAM Memory Technology | DDR5 : Memory Speed | 5200 MHz


Best-looking RAM Kits

Excellent iCUE Integration

Thermal sensors

Contain LED lights on the whole RAM

Great Timings


 Bit tall for most air coolers

Almost  All PC parts available in RGB mood from motherboards to graphic cards, keyboards, and mice have RGB LEDs. Corsair Dominator Platinum introduces a memory module kit in RGB. After a successful DDR4 memory kit Corsair Dominator launched its DDR5 corsair Dominator Platinum with RGB. It comes with a Great Memory speed of 6200 Mhz. Corsair’s Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 RAM focuses on the transfer of speeds to CPU and low power consumption and more.

If we talk about DDR4 kits are not well for heavy gamers and have some bad experiences related to output the expected. Now companies are trying to speed up their RAM and bring it to the level of Gamers, Designers, and other heavy task performers. Manufacturers work on the speed of the memory to supply fast data to CPU speed to 5000MT/s and more.

You decide to pick Corsair Dominator Platinum now the question is which one to pick? If you have a tight budget and have two only slots on motherboards we Recommend picking 32GB (16GB x 2) with a frequency of 5200Mhz  extra few bugs will give a deal of 5600Mhz version which is a good deal.

fury beast

Best Cheapest DDR5 RAM

Kingston Fury Beast 32GB


: Brand | Kingston Technology : Computer Memory Size | 32 GB : RAM Memory Technology | DDR5 : Memory Speed | 4800 MHz



Doesn’t conflict with surrounding components

Works as well for gaming as more expensive kits

No overclocking headroom

Low price


 No RGB lightings

Thanks, Kingston to release the recent DDR5 RAM. Kingston brings evolution to the old version. Fury beast is available easily and is best for pc gamer who is looking for a responsible price and good performance DDR5 kits for intel i9-12900k. Not only best for PC gamers but for All time system you are made for.

 Kingston Released the Fury beast series of RAM DDR5 with different variant speeds all from 4800Mhz to way up to 6000Mhz higher speeds will have a bit high price. If you are looking for a high-speed low price compared with other RAM then Kingston DDR5 is best for intel i9-12900k.

Our Recommendation for best performance for intel i9-12900k is a 5200Mhz variant of Kingston fury beast DDR5  RAM 32GB (16×2) that runs with a turnout latency of CL40. Fury beast uses Micron A-die (die is a specific chip used for Ram ) which looks like the most popular entry level for DDR5 RAM.

Kingston fury beast provides DDR5 at a little price the same price as the best DDR4 RAM kit. Fury beast DDR5 RAM runs on a low voltage of 1.25v saving some power.

Quick Shopping Tips

Choosing the best RAM kits for CPUs such as core i9-12900 is not easy. it’s quite confusing so taking a decision we list the following important point to pick the best DDR5 RAM for core i9.


Different DDR5 RAM has different prices All manufacturers keep the price difference according to the cost and performance of the RAM. So it is important to closely lock the price Range before selecting any DDR5 RAM for a desktop PC. The price depends on several factors like quality, design, performance, and heat dissipation. Before Taking a decision keep in mind your budget.


Performance is the most important point of any PC part also for RAM kits. Performance of RAM includes CAS Latency (CL), Clock Speeds, and Heatsinks which indicate how the RAM will perform. The lower the Latency is faster the RAM will be. The combination of lower CL and faster clock speed will boost the data supply from RAM to CPU. Which ultimately improved gaming Performance.


There are hundreds of different RAM kits of Different Brands having the same specification but some of them will not be made for the motherboard you have. All the above DDR5 RAM are compatible with core i9- 12900k if you are planning to buy any other RAM double check the compatibility with a motherboard,s specification.

Check the height of RAM kits and heatsink advanced thermal dissipation this heat spreaders have to face CPU coolers which might cause compatibility issues.


Normally Higher speed RAM kits consume more power but most companies try to decrease the voltage of the RAM through a Special Operation. If you want to save electricity costs it’s important to buy less power-consumption RAM kits so this one is also one of the shopping tips as well.


The best DDR5 RAM kits for core i9-12900k are all mentioned above are best but if you are asking about our choice according to performance, speed, and compatibility G Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5 is best if your budget is tight. While in other cases if you are budget is low go for Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB. Best of luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DDR5 faster than DDR4 for i9-12900k?

From very Initial testing results show that DDR5 is a little bit faster than the best DDR4 RAM kits. This difference is now increasing as DDR5 is maturing. Simply answer is yes DDR5 is much better than DDR4.

Should I buy DDR5 for Gaming?

Well if you want to upgrade the system to DDR5 for gaming then it is best to input DDR5 into the latest RAM kits. Although it’s slightly faster than DDR4 which will improve your system for gaming. Yes, you should buy DDR5 for gaming as its best performance for gaming is expensive but worth it.

Does i9-12900k support DDR5?

The core i9-12900k supports both DDR4 and DDR5 RAM kits as you know this is a powerful CPU of 16 cores used for multitasking and Gaming.

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