7 Best Extended Mouse Pads -2022

Are you looking for the best Extended mouse pads? If yes then you are at the right place to help choose an Extra-large mouse pad for your setup. Extend mousepads are comfortable for work, graphic design, and most importantly PC gaming. Extended mousepads are the same as non Extended mousepads rather than their size as the extended mousepads are larger in size which covers your keyboard and mouse surface.

The  Purpose of the best Extended mouse pads has to stable the slipping and opening movement of a gaming mouse. This is more helpful for those who use low DPI (Dots per Inch) of mice. Which gives them some extra-large surface to work openly without hesitation.

So, To help you find the best-extended mouse pad for gaming. Toppcgamer takes responsibility to do all research and present your best XXL mouse pads.

Why you can Trust This Review?

The purpose of this post is to provide you 100% honest review about the best Extended mouse pads.

After deep research on consumers. Our team notes the main points about the desk mouse pad to bring the best of the best product that is under budget and the best pick for you.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Choosing the best gaming mouse pad for yourself is so easy. You can simply ask yourself a few queries: what size mouse pad do I want? would like to buy hard or soft surface mouse pads? How much is my budget for the pad? Now selecting the right mouse pad for gaming or your work is easy to buy. check below the Top 10 best Extended mousepads and compare them with your chosen one.

Our Recommendation for Extended Mouse Pad


Razer Goliathus Extended chroma


: Brand | Razer : Special Feature | Non-slip : Material | Rubber


Razer Goliathus RGB Enabled

Machine Washable

Good Materialistic & long-lasting mouse pad


The Price bit high

If you are in search of the best Extended mousepads in 2022, After deep Research our Team came to the conclusion that there is nothing better than the Razer Goliathus Extended chroma. The price is worthless when it comes to quality.

It is simple with hidden quality extended mouse pad. Razer Goliathus is RGB Design, soft for the mouse, balanced control, and speedy, Non-slip Rubber base material. That’s why we believe this is the best xl gaming mouse pad.

The size of the Razer Goliathus is 11.58 wide x 36.25 Length x 0.12 height, which looks smaller than the others we listed in this post but isn’t a downside for smaller desks.

The surface of the extended mouse pad is soft and comfortable for the movement of the best mouse. Razer Goliathus mouse pad is a more precise in-game, graphic designer.

The best feature of the Razer mouse pad is the integrated Razer chroma RGB lights. You can set the colors of the mouse pad with other RGB equipment you have or The colors you like.

Logitech G840 XL Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Logitech G840 XL Cloth


: Brand | Logitech G : Item Dimensions LxWxH | 0.11 x 35.43 x 15.74 inches : Material | Rubber


Logitech G840 is a large size

Also Best for gamers using low DPI

Non-slip, stick with Desk



Rough Edges

If you don’t Really to buy RGB extended mouse pad and this is best for you. The Logitech G840 is a non-RGB extended mouse pad with a large size than any other list we presenting to you here. if you looking for a simple and quality XXL mouse pad then this right choice for you.

Logitech G840 mouse pad measures size 0.11 (H) x 35.43″ (L) x 15.74 Which makes Room for a keyboard and mouse as well as extra space where you can keep any other equipment too.

This XXL mouse pad is made of a Rubber base, which is best for gamers using a low DPI sweeping mouse. You will feel smooth when you move the mouse with amazing fast hand movements. This extra-large mouse pad will never disappoint you in its quality and work we will strongly Recommend grabbing one and enjoying work.

SteelSeries QcK Prism XL Mouse
SteelSeries QcK Prism XL Mouse Pad

SteelSeries QcK Prism XL Mouse Pad


: Brand | SteelSeries : Number of Buttons | 4 : Movement Detection Technology | Optical, Laser


Non-slip base

Legendary Qck micro cloth

Most selling mouse pad


2mm is a bit thin

Requires frequent cleaning

Steelseries Qck Prism Xl mouse pad is designed as RGB. This comes with a durable smooth surface feels good when you touch it. Like with many other extended mousepads, SteelSeries Qck prism is a Non-slip base, Made of micro woven cloth which is optimized for both optical and laser sensors mice

. Steelseries Qck Prism is perfect for gaming. Steelseries mouse pad is integrated RGB having different effects. You can customize the Colors of your wish with SteelSeries Engine software.

Steelseries mouse mat use via USB port. The best part of this XL mouse pad is that it does not move once attached to the desk. The size of Qck prism is 900 x 300 x 4 millimeter / 35.43 inches x 11.81 inches

Cooler Master MP 510 Pad
Cooler Master MP 510 Pad

Cooler Master MP 510


: Brand | Cooler Master : Color | MP510 : Special Feature | Waterproof : Material | Rubber, Cordura fabric


Precise textile weave

Comfortable 3mm thickness


Not the most durable

The MP510 is another best Extra large mouse pad that belongs to the cooler master. Cooler master MP 510 xl mouse pad is durable, water Resistant made of fabric. MP510 is simply designed to have the logo of the cooler master on the corner it is a comfortable and stable mouse pad.

Its size 35.43″ (L) x 15.74″ (W) x 0.11″ (H), is big enough to place the keyboard and mouse easily with extra space for open movement of your mouse. The logo on the mouse pad glow in the dark which gives awesome looks.

The pad surface is made of fabric that is designed highly smooth and frictionless. The surface is full of waterproof from any liquidity not absorbing. MP510 is a non-RGB black simple xl mouse pad comfortable for any time working on a PC. Cooler Master MP510 is also available in RGB to choose what you like.

Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Extended Mouse Pad
Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Extended Mouse Pad

Blade Hawks RGB


: Brand | BladeHawks : Color | Black : Special Feature | Waterproof : Material | Rubber


Durable base Surface.

splash and soft.



More expensive than others.

Are you an RGB lover but have a low budget? You will love Blade Hawks RGB gaming mouse pad to hear. Which is one of our best mouse pads under budget.

The blade hawks pad has an extra-large size mat for mice. The size is 31.5″ (L) x 12″ (W) x 0.2″ (H). it is a thicker pad than other of them listed here. The surface of the pad is made out of Rubber, a Non-slippery base. Blade hawks are also waterproof which prevents any type of liquid from absorption. The liquid forms droplets.

Blade Hawk’s mouse pad has a smooth surface that will help point the cursor of the mouse to the target precisely. The gamer will love this low-price, RGB integrated xl gaming mouse pad. RGB lights come with 3 dynamic modes you can change to your favorites that suit your setup.

ASUS ROG Sheath Extended mouse pad
ASUS ROG Sheath Extended mouse pad



: Brand | ASUS : Color | Black/Red : Material | Cloth : Item Dimensions LxWxH | 35.4 x 17.3 x 0.11 inches


Large size

Slip-resistant and stain resistant

Rubber base


Bit high price

Cloth Material

ASUS ROG mouse pad is great for gaming and gives precision results for gaming and any kind of work. This is an Extended gaming mouse pad giving amazing looks to your gaming setup.

It measures XL Extended mouse pad by The ASUS ROG sheath is 35.4″ (L) x 17.3″ (W) x 0.11″ (H). The size of the mouse pad is large which gives space for the keyboard and mouse to move openly.

ASUS ROG sheath gaming extended mouse pad is designed in such a way that attracts the user by having black colors with the ASUS logo printed on it in RED colors. This mouse pad will give beautiful look to your setup if you like a colorful setup.

The quality of the mouse pad is amazing with the ultra-smooth surface, Non-slipper, and precise even if you use high DPI settings. You will find non-slip rubber beneath the pad which helps the mouse pad to attach to the desk and not move.

The mouse pads’ intricately woven surface guarantees an ultra-smooth mouse movement with pixel-precise tracking regardless of how fast your DPI settings are.

Corsair MM300 Extended mouse pad
Corsair MM300 Extended mouse pad

Corsair MM300 Extended mouse pad


: Brand | Corsair : Color | Multicolor : Material | Cloth||Natural Rubber – Base, Cloth, Rubber – Base


High price

Horizontal maximum range

Rubber bottom


Chemical smell

Here another cool extended mouse pad is Corsair MM300. If you are a gamer and looking for the best budget gaming mouse pad then Corsair MM300 is best for you it has a low price. The low price doesn’t mean low quality The reason for the low price may be its Non-RGB extended mouse pad.

MM300 comes in three different colors, white, grey, and black with lovely Designs with the Corsair brand logo. MM300 is precise for gaming and optimized for both optical and laser mice. Beneath have anti-skid Rubber which helps the MM300 extended mouse pad not to move and stick to the desk.

This best desk mouse pad is very thin 0.1 Inch size despite this it gives good accuracy in gaming like PUBG, Fortnite


You should avoid mouse pads that are too thick and way too soft if you want to perform to the highest level as your mouse will dip into the pad far too much and make it harder to control/flick.

The final thought is that don’t go for a thin size mouse pad, too soft that the mouse dip into the pad which creates problems to control and move.

As from the above list thin are those having low prices so more expensive extended mouse pads are more premium with extra features. Make sure to double-check the size and colors before you buy. if you are buying a gaming mouse pad most of them are specially built for a gaming mouse.

Non-RGB mouse pads have a low price as compared to RGB Mouse Pads. Before buying you must know all the information about the pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a mouse pad necessary?

If you asking This question from me? My answer is yes. Why? The three reasons why a mouse pad is necessary. Mouse performance, Comfort for your mouse hand, Surface Protection. These are the three reasons I would suggest you buy a Mouse pad

How Long is XXL mouse pad?

The size of the XXL mouse pad is about 36 L x 12 W x 0.12 H Inches. Which cover all your three feet desk having enough space to keep mouse, keyboard, tablet, and your laptop.

Which mouse pad is best for gaming?

The best mouse for gaming is an expensive mouse pad. On our Research the Logitech G840 XL Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad mouse pad is best for gaming. Which most gamers use.

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