What is Good Idle CPU Temperature? (Complete Details)

After Indepth Details of Idle GPU Temperature now TOPPCGAMER is going to discuss Idle CPU temperature. Both are important parts of PC games.

A Good Idle CPU temps range from 30 to 50 degrees Celsius (86 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit)  for Modern CPUs. you may get below < 35 Degrees Celsius in the Older CPU. 

It is important to Check CPU temperature regularly. Overheating affects the lifespan of the CPU and Reduce Performance and may damage another hardware part of your system. 

The Idle temperature can vary depending on different factors, such as the type of CPU, Cooling system, ambient temperature, and type of workload you put on the Processor. 

Now similarly each CPU model and Power will have a different “Idle temperature” each chip is unique. Some have single cores and some have quade Cores. The Temperature of Single Core has low Idle CPU temperature than the Quad Cores.

Key Points

  • Monitoring the CPU temperature avoid overheating and performance issues
  • Some Major Factors affecting CPU temperatures such as Heavy Load, Overclocking, and not good Cooling Solutions
  • the Safe idle CPU temperature varies between 30 °C to 50 °C for Modern Processor

What Do We Mean By CPU Idle Temperature? 

It’s important to know what we mean by “ Idle Temperature”. The state of the CPU when it is not Processing Any heavy tasks such as gaming or rendering.

In Simple word, we can say that when the PC is switched on and there is no Intensive tasks is performing the Temperature during this state is called “ Idle Temperature”. 

CPU ModelIdle Temperature (°C)
Intel Core i9-11900K30-40
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X35-45
Intel Core i7-11700K30-40
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X35-45
Intel Core i5-11600K35-45
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X30-45
Intel Core i9-10900K30-40
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X35-45
Intel Core i7-10700K30-40
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X35-45
Please note that the Idle temperature for CPUs may vary depending on the cooling system, the thermal paste used, and other factors.

How Do You Check Idle CPU Temps? 

Checking CPU temp is easy first Pick any Software Monitoring software.  We use NZXT’s CAM which is easy to use and a friendly Interface with details. The software can be used for any hardware Specs and Monitoring temperature. This is one of the best Monitoring Software for gaming PC. Track your FPS, temperature, bandwidth, etc. 

  • NZXT CAMDownload The NZXT CAM from the official site and Install it. Once it is successfully installed now open and Click on PC Monitoring. You will get the complete details about CPU temperature and Other Hardware as well on one screen. Check the Interface in the below Image. 
nzxt cam software
  • SpeedFan: Speedfan is a Fan controller software that can monitor the speed of the fan and the temperature of the GPU and CPU. This is lightweight monitoring Software with a simple interface. 
  • Open Hardware Monitor: this is hardware Monitoring software that helps you monitor the temps, speeds of fans, and other specs. 
  • MSI afterburner: is another Powerful Software to identify the Temperature of CPU and GPU. This is advanced Monitoring software used by most PC gamers to check the real-time temp during a game to avoid any damage.

Normal CPU  Temperature During Gaming?

CPU gets heat up very fast. Inside the CPU when the Process takes place the Electrical Signals pass which convert into heat energy. The CPU temperature during gaming depends on multiple factors. It depends on the type of games you play and the CPU you have. It also depends on the CPU Coolers. 

In general, the CPU temperature lay between 65C to 80C(149f and 176f)  is in the safe Range. Exceeding 80 or above 85 is considered dangerous. You must be worried once it crosses the 80 Degree Celsius.

Normal CPU temperature during gaming depend on type of Processor you have.  Between 70 to 80 degree Celsius is a safe range for gaming. 

CPU ModelIdle Temperature (°C)
Intel Core i9-11900K90
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X90
Intel Core i7-11700K89
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X88
Intel Core i5-11600K86
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X85
Intel Core i9-10900K82
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X81
Intel Core i7-10700K80
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X75
Please note that the Idle temperature for CPUs may vary depending on the cooling system, the thermal paste used, and other factors.

Once the the Maximum CPU temperature is crossed you might face sudden failure or a Decrease the Performance. High Temp Reduces the lifespan of the CPU and longevity. 

What to do Immediately if you are facing a high temperature. Inspect the Cooling system which might be the major cause of heating. Immediately shut down your PC. 

To Identify the Performance and Temp of your hardware during games try to monitor Overlay on your screen which helps show all the details about CPU, GPU, and RAM.

CPU Thermal Throtteling.

CPUs need excessive amount of Power and then it  is used by CPUs as result it Generate heat. The More Power goes into CPUs and GPUs it will generate more Heat. 

When a CPU heat reaches to certain limit it. The Performance of CPU is stop Increasing and heat building up. Once the Performance stop a certain point the system try to reduce heat and keep Cooling. This situation is called CPU is being throttled and the process is called Thermal Throttling. 

When to Worry and What to do?

If you feel that the temperature is too high for CPU. normally if go up to 85C durning heavy workload this time to worry. Check you CPU maximum temp in the below list and compare with your real time temperature. 

If it cross limit consistently you should take action and check the below problem and solution we explained. You can trouble shot CPU temperature by using Monitoring software.

What Causes High CPU Temperatures with Solution?  

High CPU temperature can be mainly  caused by below factors. Keeping the CPU temperature under control is necessary for Good Performance and healthy Processor.

OverClocking: is the process to make your CPU Forcely on high clock speed then it based speed. Increasing the Clock rate from the basic Manfucturer’s speed generate heating and may damage your CPU.

Solution: The solution to overclocking is to reduce the clock rate or stop the overclocking Here the Guide. Properly Overclocking may not damage the CPU. 

Poor Airflow: inadequate Cooling system or Poor airflow can cause the high temperature. If there is insufficient airflow around the CPU it will heatup. 

Solution: Add more Fans or Replace your CPU fans if it not functional. Add Case fans as well in the PC Case which will help improving  the Airflow.

Dust BuildUp :  Dust is most Common reason which will face every system. Dust Buildup inside the Computer hardware and block airflow around the CPU, GPU and Cooling System fans causing the temperature. Check the Guide the Clean CPU Cooler Fans.

Solution: Clean the the PC regularly to remove dust and Debris that blocking the airflow or Cooling system inside your System.

 Faulty CPU Cooler: CPU cooler is play important rule in cooling of CPU. if your CPU is fault or not Performing well it will definitely overheat your system. If A faulty CPU Cooler fail to dissipate the heat it will cause high temperatures.

Solution: Check the Cooling system if it is functional or not and Replace it if needed. Here is Guide for Best CPU Coolers for gaming.

These are the some common causes to for high temp during gaming. If you have water cooling system your radiator might be low or out of water refill it. It is also possible that your water pump will be malfunctioning or broken. 

Check the Thermal paste may be your its is older. If you to know more about how long does thermal paste lost here is Guide


A Good Idle CPU Temperature vary from 30 to 50C. If you are consistently facing the overheating. You must take action and check all option due which it happening. The Idle  and Maximum CPU temperature is different for different CPUs and it also depend on brand such as Intel and AMD have different Idle CPU temperature. 

You are playing heavy games but your CPU is not sustaining the Performance you may need High Performance Processor. 

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