GPU Artifacting: How to Fix GPU Artifacts? (Complete Guides)

You might Face GPU artifacting that’s why you came across to know why it’s happening and How to fix the Artifacting. Yes, we can help.

You are playing games on a PC suddenly the shapes and colors show the parts you get worried about it what happen to the PC? Well, this is called GPU Artifacts.

This is caused by many reasons we will discuss later in this Article and how to fix this and avoid such Problems.

What is Artifacting GPU?

Artifacting is a term used to describe visual Problems which appear on the display PC or other device. GPU Artifacting will occur due variety of things. Such as Graphic Processing Units, Graphic drivers, or Displays.

In terms of GPU artifacts, it occurs when your GPU is not working properly or Overheating, hardware failure causes Visual Distortion such as color banding and flickering.

If you are facing Artifacting GPU with your graphic card it is time to troubleshoot the problem to solve it if possible. In most cases, it occurs due to GPU temperature, Graphic card driver check and updates the graphic card driver. If you can,t get to know the problem contact the technical support Professional or your Company if it includes in Warranty.

How to troubleshoot the GPU artifacting?

The Artifact Identification is easy to check the visual distortion displayed while using the PC. if you can see distorted or scrambled Images on the display. It may include flickering, and blocks of color. In some cases, the GPU artifacting may appear only when the graphic card is under heavy load.

To fix the artifacting GPU first must know the actual cause of it. This happens for various reasons you must check it step by step.

To Troubleshooting Artifact GPU Follow the below Steps:

1: Temperature of GPU: if it is running too hot under heavy load it might be the reason for Artifacting.

2: Graphic Drivers: Outdated Graphic card drivers can cause Graphic Card Artifacting. Check if the driver is working or if it is corrupted.

3: Power Supply: Without power, GPU can,t run long so check your Powersupply if it provides the right power to the Graphic card that is needed it also may be the Reason for Artifacts.

4:  Check the GPU on other Systems to determine if the issue is caused by other parts or if itself a GPU problem.

5: Run a Diagnostic Tool like FurkMark to test the GPU to see if it is causing the Artifacting.

Causes of Artifacting GPU: 

So far we discussed what is Artifacts GPU and How to identify it. Now going to Discuss what is the main cause of Artifacts. So There are a few Important Causes that affect the Graphic card. Below are the most common causes of the Artifacting of Graphic Card.

1: Overheating: Overheating of GPU cause Distortion and Artifacting on the Screen This is because of 

a Lack of Proper Cooling or a Non-functional Cooling System.

2: Software Issue: Sometimes Artifacts GPU can be caused by a Graphic driver or Software System to solve. This simply updates the Graphic Driver.

3: Hardware issue: This is the most common type of GPU Artifacts it can be in the form of Physical Damage to the GPU such as traces or Connectors Issues. The Internal Hardware of the GPU cause the artifacting.

4: Power Issues: All heavy parts of the Gaming PC Run on Power the same as the GPU too if it is not

receiving enough power causes artifacts. Make sure to check the Power Supply Provide enough Power to 

Graphic cards.

5: Outdated Hardware: if the Graphic card is outdated and does not support the updated software can Cause artifacts.

6: OverClocking: if the Graphic card is overclocked beyond its limitation the result can cause Artifacting.

How to Fix GPU Artifacts.

Below are a few steps to take to Fix GPU artifacts. These are the most Common Method to fix the graphic card.

  • Check the temperature of the GPU the overheating creates this Issue if you found the Graphic Card Hot make to fix the cooling system. Try to clean and the airflow is sufficient in the case. 
  • Check the Power Supply and make sure that provides enough power to GPU. if you are using the multi-rail power supply make sure that the correct rail is used for the Graphic card. Upgraded the Power Supply if needed.
  • Updating the graphic driver’s outdated drivers can cause such issues to update driver you can check from manufacturers’ websites of GPU.
  • Hardware Issues cause the artifacting GPU to check the physically damaged or lost connection of the graphic card
  • Reset the GPU, yes it might be solved with the Reset of the GPU and unplugging all the connections after shutting down the Computer. Now remove the GPU and reinsert it correctly. 
  • if none of the above things work it is possible that the Graphic card is expired you need to replace check our Guide to How to Buy the Right Graphic card.

Architecting of GPU can be caused by many reasons so it takes some testing step by step to determine the error and find the solution for it. 


GPU artifact is a serious issue our Team tried their best to explain with details like how to troubleshoot and fix GPU Artifacting issues. You can follow the above step mentioned and solve the Problem Graphic card. Make sure to read every step before applying. If you are a newbie it is recommended to contact the nearest PC Expert or Manufacturer of GPU.make sure to switch off the PC before applying the fixing steps. 

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