How Long Does Thermal Paste Lost? ( Everything to know)

The thermal paste is important for keeping the heat down as the coolers themselves cannot do it alone. Thermal paste is gelled using for cooling different parts of the Gaming PC. Most gamers use it for GPU and CPU cooling. It’s used in many other devices for keeping devices cool. The thermal paste gels will not last forever as their gels expire after a specific time. It is important to know and check how long the thermal paste lasts.

In this post, we will clear your confusion about how long thermal paste lasts and how long you could change it. 

How often you should Reapply thermal paste?

According to Manufacturers of Thermal paste can last up to 5 years however most of them recommend reapplying every 2 to 3 years. Don’t use thermal paste tubes older than 3 years as storing thermal paste lost its quality and efficiency.

Thermal paste can last for a maximum of 5 years but most user experience and manufacturers recommended to replace after 2 to 3 years to be safer side. 

What is the different type of thermal paste?

There are four main types of thermal paste basis on their function thermal conductivity, density, and price. It is important to know pasting the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU. 

There are many different types of thermal paste in the market. People find one brand and stick to it they think it’s the best brand for thermal paste. Studies and our experience show that thermal paste lasts for the long term but it depends on many things like the machine and the temperature of the system. 

Metal-based Thermal Paste

Metal-based Thermal paste is a commonly used type it consists of silver and Aluminum both of them are heat conductors  

Metal-based pastes are very good for heat conduction as they contain metal which are good conductors of heat. One thing to avoid these is electrically conductive metals which cause a short circuit if leaked. 

Ceramic Thermal Paste

 Ceramic as the name indicates is made of ceramic mostly common in the market and easily available. Ceramic Thermal Paste is non-conductive which makes the system safe. 

If your system is not creating a very high amount of temperature then this is good thermal paste in other cases it is not much efficient for a high-heated system. The Pro of this thermal paste is it is not electrically conductive and affordable. If it is your first time applying thermal paste then this best option to use.

Silicon-based Thermal Pastes

silicone based thermal paste is made of silicone which is used on different hardware. Silicon-based thermal pastes have a good thermal conductivity making heat way to transfer. silicon has a good density. These thermal pastes are suitable for many CPUs and cards. 

Silicon-based Paste is expensive as compared to other pastes we discuss. The property of silicon pastes is multiple which offer more thermal conductivity and are mostly safe to use on many machines. these are not electrically conductive

How much Thermal Paste is to apply to the CPU?

You may have a question about how much thermal paste to apply to the CPU. The amount of Paste depends on the size of the CPU chip. It depends on the surface area of the Chip if the area is wider you need more amount of paste to cover the surface of the CPU. All you need Thermal paste to cover the surface area of Processor Chips. The smaller the chips small the amount of paste will need. It is recommended to use a small amount of paste if the CPU generates a high level of heat. Don,t apply low thickness paste it is possible to cause leakage of Paste.

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