How Much SSD do I Need for gaming? ( Detail Guides)

All gamers want the best performance from their gaming system but it is not possible without having a good machine. SSD is one of part of the best gaming system. A solid-state Drive is important for CPU operation and processor. Most Users know the importance of SSD but they are confused about how much SSD I need for gaming.  All questions about SSD will be Answered in detail in this post stay tune.

PC games take the storage of an average of 70 to 100GB but this is not normal most heavy games consume more than that even the gaming size getting high day by day. Call of Duty game storage sizes is taking up to 230GB. Which will take almost of half your SSD 512GB. 

The most common storage type of SSD nowadays in the market are 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB SSD storage. If you are sticking to only 2 to 3 heavy PC games Then 512GB SSD is a good option but if you are a full-time gamers enthusiast who plays different PC games Then 1TB SSD is the best option for you. This will not only for Gaming but also good for other work like video Editing, and other graphic work. 

How much difference Does an SSD make for Gaming?

This question creates confusion for most Gamers. Does SSD improve gaming performance? Some people say it does not impact gaming while some say it improves gaming performance. Are you confused too? Let’s Clear This confusion. 

There are two parts to the Question “ Does SSD improve gaming Performance?” First Part, As far As loading is concerned yes it improves gaming performance. As far as FPS is concerned, no it does not improve FPS.

In short, SSD improves the loading speed of the system. It is hardware most gamers add to the system if they feel their system lagging. You get an idea from example lets if you have Hard Drive to open a window it takes 1-3 mint to open but if you have some system having SSD it bring down to 10 to 30 sec. HDDs copying speed is around about 30 to 100MB per sec, while SSDs speed is about 500MB/s and NVME SSDs is another type of Advanced SSD which speed is 3000MBs/s. from these data you can imagine how much does impact the performance of your system. 

Can I Use External SSD for Gaming

In short Yes you can use an external SSD for gaming. Keep reading some Important Questions that will be answered Regarding External SSD. A solid-state drive (SSD)External is good for those who need extra storage beside PC storage. Now the question that can you run games off an external SSD? 

Yes, you can Run games with an external SSD with many advantages let’s suppose your internal storage is not enough to store as many games you need you can use an external SSD to get rid of space shortage. You can easily and fast transfer games from external to internal storage. 

Things To Consider Before Setting Up an SSD For Gaming.

Most PC gamer use HDDs now they want to shift to SSDs but it is not that easy to install SSD instead of HDDs you just need to know a few things before you install a New SSDS to your Gaming PC. let’s jump Into it.

Types of SSD

It is important to buy the type of SSD that fits your Gaming Motherboard. Some key points to note before choosing SSD like size, shape, and configuration. 

SSD are formed mostly in two common types according to shape and size. First one is  

  • 5 Inch SSD which is shaped and sized like old HDDs. Which are used on desktops and some laptops also support it. It can be easily replaced with SATA cable HDDs.
  • 2 SSD is small in size but integrated into laptops, tablets, and desktops, you can use more than one SSD on a desktop to give extra space for gaming.


In conclusion, the Solid-state storage drive designed especially for gaming computers gives gamers a quality gaming experience creating a good impact in the market, and has become a requested feature. It also comes with numerous other packages, like the stability where the data is secured and safe and is also infinitely quieter, as stated above.

The perfect storage capacity for gaming in SSD comes in 500 GB, but 1 TB can be the best option as a farsighted decision. So, how much SSD Do I need for Gaming? We think this question is well answered now. 

In the final verdict, The SSD is much needed for a gaming computer that gives a quality gaming experience. The storage needed for a gaming Pc is a Minimum of 512GB SSD Our Recommendation is 1TB SSD. I hope all of your questions are answered. Sharing is caring.

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