How to Change RGB fan Colors? (RGB software for all brands)

How to change RGB Fan Color? Is it changeable? How to change RGB fan color without a Controller? All these are will be answered in this guide.RGB stand for (RED, GREEN, and BLUE) RGB is LED light that is used in many devices to give beautiful look. RGB can be used on Mouse , Mouse Pads, keywords, chairs, and PC fans most people use it on fans of aesthetics RGB fans look. Yes, the RGB fan color is changeable. Not only fan color but any RGB LED can be changed like on the mouse, keyword RGB lights can also change. In this Guide, we will only focus on RGB fan color.

How to Change RGB fan color?

there are many ways to change RGB fan color the most common and easy method to change the color of an RGB fan is to use the controller which comes with fans. you can easily change All RGB colors with software which we will discuss here

The previous method only works for specific brand products which can be controlled easily by Remote control or software to only for that brand products. Most PC consist of more than one brand to Control All RGB fans on your PC you can do it with this method below. 

Here are some RGB apps and software listed Below :

1. Aura Sync

2. MSI Mystic Light

3. Corsair ICUE

4. Gigabyte RGB Fusion

There is much more software like this you can download and use for RGB devices to change the Color of CPU Coolers, RAM, etc. we are using Corsair ICUE software for changing RGB Color you can download it here.

Step-by-step process of Corsair ICUE RGB fan.

  • Open the iCUE software.
  • The open controller on the Home screen
1 pic
  • Open 4 pin lighting Effect or 3 Pin Lighting Effects for setting up
2 pic
  • Go to Lighting setup select corsair fan or ICUE Automatically detect.
  • Drag the fans in the preview image in the correct order of your case change Orientation of the lighting to match the fans
3rd pic
  • Now Assign your favorite color to select the fan series you want to change color.
  • Now click on the + icon in the lighting layers section on the bottom left. 
4th image
  • Finally, you can Customize and change the RGB fan color.

One RGB software for all brands

we are going to Introduce signalRgb software which offers one option now you don’t need to install different brands of software to change the RGB color of your PC.  you can control All your RGB devices from one place. signalRgb is not only used for RGB color but also consists of extra features like fan controlling, game integration, and advanced pixelation. The process is the same as we discussed for Corsair ICUE. you can download signalRGB from here.


Finally, we hope you learned how to change RGB fan color or change the color of All RGB devices. Changing RGB color gives aesthetic look to your PC. Most brands of RGB come with a Controller or Software that helps you change RGB fans’ colors.  if you can want to change All RGB colors from one place go for singalRGB software that we discussed early. Modify your RGB Color and enjoy the new look of the PC. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the RGB fan color without a controller?

you can change the RGB fan color without the Controller with help of Software like corsair ICUE, and SIngalRGB.

How do I change the RGB fan color in Cyberpowerpc?

Press the * and FN keys at the same time to change the colors of Cyberpowerpc.

Does RGB affect FPS?

Yes, it improves the Performance and faster the framerates. it not only improves FPS but also the cooling system. when RGB is Set to RED it improves performance, if set to blue it lowers the temperatures and if set to green it produces more power.

How do I turn on RGB lights on my keyboard?

you can do it by simpling pressing F5, F9, or F11 keys or dual Fn + F5 so on try all keys.

How do I change the RGB fan color on my MSI motherboard?

you can change it by using SignalRGB software which helps you control all RGB of your PC from one software.

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