How to Choose Best RAM for PC?

Are you in search of how to choose the best RAM for your new gaming PC? if yes, then our main focus is to help you keep Reading. Graphic cards and Processors are made in the component of Gaming Pc after these main components RAM needs attention in Gaming Pc. Finding the best RAM is quite challenging for newbies. We decided to briefly explain how to choose RAM for your PC. below are some important factors before buying any RAM.

How much RAM do you need?

The first question rise before going to research for RAM is how much RAM do I need? Answering this question depend on your purpose of building a PC and the budget you have in hand. Most users choose between 8GB and 16GB if you are building your PC for video editing / 3D Animation or Graphic Design etc… then going with 16Gb RAM will be the best option if you are building a budget Gaming PC then 8GB is working fine. you can upgrade to 16GB after if you are motherboard have empty DIMM slots can easily be upgraded to 16GB or more.

RAM compatibility with your system is Important.

Compatibility of RAM with your system is the most important thing to keep in mind before you decide to buy a Memory. Not all RAM is compatible with every system. Here is some point to consider before buying any RAM.

DIMM Slots: Before going for RAM make sure to check your motherboard’s DIMM slots.  Two DIMM slots motherboards need kits of 2×8 GB you can,t put a 4x4GB  kit in the two slots of motherboards. You can only have to buy 8GB RAM in pairs if there are only 2 slots. You can’t buy more sticks than your motherboard slots. RAM has heat spreaders which make you a system heater to tackle this problem check the best CPU coolers.

DDR generation: DDR generation second most important factor because older generation DDR will not work with new motherboards and old motherboards will not support new DDR. You cannot put DDR4 memory in a motherboard that has DDR3 supports and vice versa. Check best DDR5 RAM.

RAM form Factor: there are two main form factors. Which are DIMM for desktop and SO-DIMM for the laptop form factor. Make sure to buy the right RAM for the right system as SO-DIMM is not working on desktop motherboards.

RAM Speed

Why do we need Ram? of course for faster speed. RAM Performance is determined by two factors which are RAM Frequency and Latency.

RAM Frequency is the same as the CPU,s Frequency. Faster Frequency means faster processing of data. Check the frequency before selecting the RAM. we would recommend a stick of two DDR4 RAM of dual channels. Each has a 3000 Mhz clock speed.

Latency and lower latency mean faster RAM. Latency is time to execute a command. Lower the Latency means better performance.

Which RAM Will You Choose for Your PC?

I think Choosing RAM is quite easy after Reading the above Information. Choosing RAM decides on your budget if you have a high budget will definitely Recommend going for 16 GB RAMs. If having a light budget 8GB is working fine for gaming PC or any simple working.


RAM is not much Important a component as a CPU or graphic card PC but it is important to have a high memory RAM which helps to boot the system and to play the latest heavy PC games.

If you want most of the best performance from RAM keep in mind all points discussed above before buying. One more thing that will affect the compatibility of RAM with the system is different modules from different manufacturers companies it can have compatibility issues you can face so it is strongly recommended to have the same modules and brand kits. Best of luck.

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