How to Clean CPU cooler fan in Easy Steps

The fan is an important part that reduces the heat of the CPU. Without a CPU fan, your PC will overheat and will eventually switch off. If your CPU fan is dirty it will not work as it working as clean. If you are CPU fan is full of dust and you want to clean it but don’t know the proper way to clean it in this article we will guide you step by step on how to clean your CPU fan.

How to Clean CPU fan step by step Guides.

Step1: To Clean the CPU fan some caution to take care, Firstly unplug the PC before starting Cleaning. Keep your PC in the room or open space Remove the back panel of the PC to start cleaning. Some of PC need to open with a screwdriver some need to press a button. After opening the back panel of the PC. You need a small vacuum to clean the CPU fan. If you don’t have a vacuum get it here with a one-time investment which you may need for other peripheral devices as well like keywords. To clean the CPU fan with a vacuum take care to not use a vacuum on other computer components. Which can cause any electrical Components on motherboards too. Check best CPU Cooler

Step 2: Now spray the air on the fan to clear dust and dirt from the CPU fan. Now hold the fan blades to Clean the heatsink and pipes. Try to use canned air to clean the dust. 

Step 3: After completing Cleaning CPU fans. Clean the dust around the PC so it can not catch again.

Step 4: Now fan cleaning is complete use the vacuum suction for the mouse, speaker, and keyboard as well to clean. You also use the towel for external cleaning of the PC Case.

How often should I clean my CPU fan?

It is recommended to Clean All PC components every 6 to 12 months for good performance. Clean your CPU fan twice every year for better performance. Don’t neglect cleaning your PC or CPU fan it make cause a serious problem. Dusty CPU fans don’t observe heat which may cause a problem. 


Cleaning the CPU Fan is very important in its effect on the overall PC. This simple maintenance technique can bring the original performance of your CPU. The CPU cooler is an important part of cooling which reduces the heating and keeps your CPU the same on heavy task running time. You learned How to clean the CPU cooler. Clean your CPU every 6 months for better performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my laptop CPU cooler?

To Clean the laptop CPU cooler you need a vacuum that suctions the dust from the laptop fan. you also use compressed air. it’s cheap and available everywhere.

How do you clean a CPU fan without compressed air?

Most people talk about Compressed air if you don’t have compressed air you can also clean your CPU fan with a vacuum or clean a laptop CPU fan with a brush. 

What is the best method to Clean the CPU cooler?

There are two recommended and easy methods to remove cleanly firstly by using compressed air and other by vacuum.

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