How to Stop Overclocking CPU in 2023

Have you tried CPU overclocking and got benefits or seeing now Improvement but want to get back to normal Position? In this short guide, we are going to explain two methods of how to stop overclocking the CPU. I am sure you already learn and tried how to overclock the CPU if you want to stop trying to reverse that method if still not working then go through the below methods

Disable overclocking CPU?

To stop overclocking the CPU you need to follow the below methods 

Enter The BIOS

To start the process you need to enter the BIOS or UEFI. To Enter the BIOS mode you have to press a specific key during the boot-up of the system. The key is mentioned during the booting you have to press that key instantly.

Now going to discuss how to access UEFI. Now, what is UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)? And what is the difference between BIOS and UEFI? The answer is that UEFI is used by new computers which are faster and more secure than BIOS. 

Access to UEFI 

1: Windows 10 users can get UEFI with the shift + Restart Button.

2: Click “ Troubleshoot “

3: Next go to “ Advanced Options”

4: now you see the option for UEFI

Method 1 

Reset your BIOS will automatically stop overclocking the CPU. how to Reset BIOS for this Keep Reading.

You already know to access BIOS once you got the BIOS menu now to get Load Default Options press the F9 or F5 keys. Box will pop up as you see in Picture now just click yes to get the default BIOS settings

5 load defaults 1

The keys may be different in your case so most of the time the Default settings key is given at the bottom of the screen

Can overclock damage the CPU?

Overclocking have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of Overclocking are faster CPU speed but in the meantime, the disadvantages are big if have no proper knowledge of overclocking because it decreases the lifespan of the CPU sometimes overclocked systems tend to crash. We would recommend you buy a high-speed CPU instead of streaming your CPU by overclocking it.

How to check if the CPU is Overclocked?

If you bought a new PC it is by default not overclocked. Let’s suppose you overclocked the CPU consistently and forget whether the CPU is overclocked or not. The simple way to check find the specs of your PC and compare if the GHz of the CPU is increased it means you are overclocked. You can install the CPU-Z tool to check the base clock speed of your CPU and compare it with the current.

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