Liquid cooling vs Air Cooling which is better in 2023?

Are you willing to build a Custom new PC but confused about the CPU Cooler? Which one to select liquid cooler or Air Cooler? All Related Questions will be answered Here stay tuned.

“Our Recommendation is to go with a Liquid Cooling system if your PC is producing too much heat or you want to Overclock your PC and want Aesthetics look get RGB AIO Liquid cooler”

What is liquid Cooling?

CPU Liquid Coolers work like the Radiator of the Car which Circulates cooled water to cool the CPU. In a liquid Cooling system, the CPU heatsink dissipates heat. Which can be done in several ways. Liquid Cooler consists of the heatsink which sinks the heat and the Radiator which dispels the heat into the liquid. Two tubes help to Circulate the liquid through the Cooler. This is called Air Liquid Cooling which is a complete Package.

What is Air Cooling?

The only difference between air coolers and Liquid Coolers is that Air coolers create cooling with help of Air and Liquid coolers create cooling with help of a liquid base. Air coolers consist of a fan, a heatsink that helps to observe the heat, and a fan to help circulate the Air. 

Liquid and Air cooling -Pros and cons 

Both liquid Cooling and Air Cooling system have pros and cons. Best CPU coolers are important for any gaming System its essential of part of the system to choose wisely. Below are the pros and cons of both types. 

Liquid Cooling :


  • High heat Dissipation 
  • Awesome Looks RGB Enabled
  • Aio – All in One
  • Quite, No disturbance of sound
  • better at exhausting CPU heat


  • Bit expensive as compared to other
  • Annual Refilling


Air Cooler


  • Cheap in price easier upgrades
  • Air cooler has little to No maintenance


  • Not recommended for a heavy system that produces high heat.

Liquid Cooling vs. Air Cooling: Three Things to Consider Before You Choose

1: How much want to spend on a cooler

In general when you are about to build a Gaming PC builders allocated the budget to any components they need. If you are going to get a liquid or air cooler must know the prices of the average Liquid and Air cooler you need. If you have 70$ or less than your CPU cooling system then in this range Budget Air cooler is best. Some of the small Liquid Coolers come at the same price like 120mm Aios or 140mm. if you have a gaming Pc that produces too much heat then we would recommend a high-end liquid cooler.

2: Planning to OverClock CPU

Are you planning to overclock your CPU or planning to Overclock? If yes then you need a better Cooling system for your CPU if you don’t want to overclock your CPU you don,t need to spend extra money on the system. You can pick any suitable for your processor. But if you are planning to overclock your CPU which needs an extremely high cooling system but again it depends on the question that How much do you want to Overclock?

If you planning to overclock High then you must need a high-quality AIO Liquid Cooler with custom loops.

3: AIO Liquid Coolers vs. Custom Liquid Cooling

You confirm that you want to overclock the CPU. Now confused about what is best AIO liquid Coolers vs Custom liquid Cooling system? The custom looping Cooler is give extra cooling than AIO ( All In One ) Cooler which means you can extra overclock with Custom Liquid cooling. But it is complex to set up a Custom Cooling system. On other hand, AIO is easy to install. The custom loop can also be set up to cool your GPU which AIO can not do. But it does not mean that AIO is not performing well. AIO is easy to install and good to overcome the heat. 


Most of the User prefer liquid Coolers due its the performance of extreme cooling and their Aesthetics looks. 

It does, not mean that the Air cooler is useless you can pick the Air cooler if your system does not produce much heat and work fine with the Air cooler. If you have no budget issues and want aesthetic looks plus an extreme cooling system, In this case, our choice will be Aio Liquid cooling RGB enabled.

If you good budget and want only cooling there is no harm if you pick high-Quality air or liquid cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove the liquid from a CPU cooler?

It is recommended to change liquid from your custom loop system every 12 months for a good result.

How do I remove my CPU air cooler?

To remove the CPU air cooler run your PC for a few minutes so that the thermal paste on the CPU becomes warm and gooey so you make it easy to remove the Air cooler from the CPU. Now after this turn off your PC and start pulling slowly up and down until you get a bit of resistance finally Remove your CPU air cooler.

Can I overclock my CPU with an air cooler?

Overclocking the CPU creates more heat and which can not be handled by most Air coolers. If you want to overclock without any issues go for good-quality Liquid Cooling which is ideal for Overclocking. You can overclock with an air cooler but it will you face any kind of problem.

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