Prebuilt vs Custom PC Which One is Best? (Self-Tested)

What is the best option Prebuilt PC or Custom PC? Is it cheaper to custom-build a PC? if you are bored by These questions and need to know the details Answered? Here are the Guides.

What are Prebuilt and Custom built PC?

The prebuilt PC is a ready-made PC that is assembled by a Retailer or shop that sells PC. you can use a Prebuilt PC directly after buying.
On another hand, Custom PC is a collection of every single part that you need to build a PC inside PC cases. Custom PC mostly built by experienced people.

Custom PC:

Building A custom PC you must know PC components because you will face a problem if you are going to do it for the first time. you can either build a Custom PC by yourself or you can also take advantage of the PC shop. You must know about the compatibility of Components with each other and Also need to know how to connect themes. There are some advantages and Disadvantages of a Custom PC.

Advantages of Custom PC


The most important key to choosing Custom Pc over a Prebuilt one is you have to pick the best component that you think boosts your PC. Every single part you pick is on your wish. This is the beauty of a Custom PC. you can Choose RAM, CPU, GPU, Cooling Fans whatever you like can pick. The builder has the power to control the system within budget. In the custom PC, the big advantage is that you can prepare the PC for Multiple Purposes. suppose you are Part time gamer and video Editor Custom PC gives you the best option to pick parts that are capable to work on both.

Cost :

A pre-built PC will cost you more than a Custom PC with the Same of its parts this is because companies and Retailers take assembly and extra profit. If we compare the price of a prebuilt PC with the same component as Custom PC the Prebuilt will cost more Than Custom PC. if you are going to prepare a Custom PC under a specific Budget you can manage it by buying less expensive parts. In Custom gaming PC You can also have a chance to buy powerful parts used with a low budget.

Multiple Choices:

In a custom gaming PC, you have multiple options to pick components according to the budget you allocated for specific parts. If you are looking for a budget gaming system you can easily build an affordable PC. If you have already a gaming pc and want to upgrade take any parts and replace them with better ones. you increase the storage capacity of your Custom PC.

Disadvantages of Custom Pc

There are some disadvantages as well keep eye on it before you are going to Built the Custom PC.

Technical Knowledge About Custom PC:

If This is your first time building Custom PC you will face many technical problems as well as you may choose the wrong Components it’s just like you drive a car for the First time. You might have videos and other Resources but still, in practical and learning there are differences. We would recommend you go to the nearest Retailers or gaming PC shop for Custom PC. you will get knowledge plus suggestion to shop which parts to choose under budget with efficient performance.

High Risk of Incompatibility :

The most important key point that newbies will face is the high risk of Incompatibility of Components. Whenever you combine PC parts
you might face Incompatibility. Before you combine the parts looks if they are compatible with each other or not. Make sure each part of the PC is suited and works with other parts

User Error :

Again you will face an error if you are a newbie. Building a custom PC combining all the parts is quite tough if you don’t have previous experience. if you are not familiar with building a PC there is a chance of bending the CPU pins or doing the wrong cabling. You will face errors if you don’t have experience if you have done it before then you are good to go without hesitation.

Prebuilt PC :

Do you want Ready made Prebuilt PC? you don’t know how to create a Custom PC? Building a Custom PC is a headache for some people you can buy Prebuilt which is working fine. A prebuilt PC is simple to buy Plug and Play. There are some advantages and Disadvantages of Prebuilt let’s discuss this.

Advantages of Prebuilt Pc :

Plug and Play :

One of the important Advantages of a Prebuilt PC is just Plug and Play. You don’t need select and combine components to build a PC without facing A lot of problems. The setup of a Prebuilt PC is very easy I still remember when I bought my first PC and just plug the switch on and that’s set. Even if it’s your first time you can run a prebuilt PC. 

Compatible Components

Prebuilt gaming PC made by a professional you don’t need to face compatibility issues. It is already tested many times and made by an expert so there are no incompatible concepts.

 Easy to Repair:

A prebuilt PC is easy to repair it comes with a warranty you easily fix by visiting a retail shop to fix the Prebuilt PC


There are some Disadvantages of a Pre-made PC that can’t be ignored.

Limited Configuration:

Pre-built PC you have limited configurations, especially in the internal component of the PC. you may need to upgrade some of its important parts according to your work and need. You can increase the storage capacity and RAM. You can’t upgrade every part of the which will cost more than your original PC.

More Expensive:

Pre-built PC is a bit expensive because of some ready-made options like assembly costs, warranty costs, and Preloaded Software.

Lower Quality :

Prebuilt PC you will face lower-quality components being used. Most Manufacturers Used cheaper parts to make a profit like cables, cases, and Power supplies.


We discuss in detail both Pre-built and Custom PC and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these. Now it’s up to you to decide we would say Building Custom PC is worth it. Even if you are a beginner going for Custom PC there are many resources online to get help. Prebuild vs Custom PC well Custom will win in the end it will save more money and you can control every part of your PC.

We are not discouraging you from a Prebuilt PC. if you are not interested to choose every part yourself you can choose Prebuilt. If you ask me what I would go for my answer will be Custom PC. 

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