Razer basilisk ultimate vs viper ultimate

Razer Basilisk Ultimate vs Viper Ultimate Review happens with most of us when we are buying something of the same brand or two different products which are Quite confusing don’t worry today Toppcgamer is made Personal based Research on Comparison between the two best Razer gaming mice. The basilisk ultimate vs Viper Ultimate, have some similarities but are built for different purposes. Which one of them is most suitable for you? Let’s Jump into Details Guide.

Razer Viper Ultimate Review


Razer Viper Ultimate


: Brand | Razer : Special Feature | Wireless : Color | Classic Black


Comfortable Design

Razer Viper has a lightweight

Low Latency

Perfect for both left and Right-hand user

RGB on


Low battery life than basilisk’s ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate is a Great gaming mouse with the best specifications. Razer Viper is a lightweight mouse, that has low latency wireless, and good battery life. The design of Razer viper Ultimate is amazing its work for both left-handed and right-handed user.

Razer viper consists of 8 buttons with a charging dock. We look overall at the performance of Razer viper Ultimate mice as the best option for both right-handed and left-handed mice.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate  Review

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Razer Basilisk Ultimate


: Brand | Razer : Special Feature | Wireless : Color | Classic Black


Great Design

Low latency

Long battery time of up to 100h

A bit heavy compared to viper Ultimate

RGB integrated


 Bit expensive

Not suitable for a left-handed user

Razer basilisk ultimate is a wireless mouse mostly used by gamers it comes with great specifications. Razer Basilisk has 14 programmable buttons, angular Design gives an extra star to its beauty. Razer basilisk ultimate has incredible accuracy and is sensitivity-free of lag.

Razer basilisk has a bit high price on amazon as compared to Razer viper ultimate. The weight of the Razer Basilisk is also high than Razer viper ultimate gaming mice. The one important cons of Razer basilisk ultimate gaming mice has been made for right-handed users so if you are left-handed keep this point in mind.

Razer vs Basilisk Ultimate Guides

Sensor :

Basilisk Ultimate is integrated with Razer Focus + Optical sensor which gives amazing output to the most useful. Most gamers give feedback about Razer focus + Optical sensor Playing with Basilisk Ultimate feel like playing with wired gaming mice you will not feel any lag while playing. Razer Viper Ultimate also uses a focus + Optical sensor having no difference there. Focus + Optical Sensor is the best among its competitor


Razer Viper has an amazing shape with the Razer standard RGB logo on the back end of the mouse. Razer viper ultimate has an attractive design and looks great in hand. Have rubber side grips. Razer viper consists of 8 buttons that are customizable from razer synapse software.

Razer Basilisk also comes in great shape but its look has changed from the Razer viper. Razer Basilisk is Great for Right-handed, and Palm grip users. Same as Razer viper ultimate mouse Razer Basilisk is RGB Enabled with a beautiful logo printed on its back. Razer Basilisk gaming mouse consists of a total of 11 buttons for different function

Weight and Dimensions :

Besides the similarity of both these mice, you will find differences when it comes to the Weight and Dimensions of the Razer viper Ultimate vs Basilisk Gaming mouse. Razer Basilisk is 13cm L ,6.6cm W and 4.2 cm H. The weight of the Razer Basilisk is 107g which comes in the mid-range gaming mouse.

On other hand, the Razer viper ultimate has lower in dimension and lightweight than Razer Basilisk. Razer viper ultimate is 12.6cm L, 6.62cm, and 3.7cm H. whereas the weight of the razer viper ultimate is 74g.  which come it the best lightweight gaming mouse.

If you like a lightweight mouse then Razer viper Ultimate is the best choice. Razer viper has lower click latency.  Razer Basilisk is a bit more weighty than razer viper ultimate but a Great gaming mouse. Again one thing you must care about before buying  Razer Basilisk is made for right-handed gamers.

Wireless connectivity:

Both razer viper ultimate and Razer basilisk ultimate belong to the razer company to make it clear both mice use the same technology of Razer hyperspeed wireless which make the Razer mouse the all-time fastest mouse ever. Toppcgamer’s Team tested by using both mice we face no issues, leg in connectivity of these mice you will feel like using a normal wired gaming mouse.

Battery :

The battery is another important factor for many users when it comes to electric devices. So these gaming wireless mouses run on battery.

Razer Viper Ultimate has good battery performance time it can last for up to 70h without RGB off. And some RGB on it lasts for around 50h to 55h with RGB lights at mid Brightness. While on other hand Razer Basilisk ultimate has amazing battery life than anyone in the market up to 100h. In the battery running Basilisk ultimate is the winner. Tips keep your RGB brightness low for long-lasting battery timing.

Razer basilisk and viper Ultimate can be charged with a dongle which is come with a box of mice.

Price :

Both Razer Basilisk ultimate and viper ultimate are the latest models and equipped with the most advanced technology so it is clear these mice would be a bit Expensive. When it comes to price.

From the above guide, you may know both of these mice have the same specs and design but in price, these are a little different. Razer basilisk ultimate( check the latest price on Amazon) is a bit more expensive than viper ultimate (check the latest price on Amazon). you need good money to get a hand on them.


Both Razer viper and Basilisk ultimate have the same technology used for the sensor and the specifications are almost the same. we cannot say categorically that one is better than another. The reason is different users have different choices. Hence we can consider that Razer viper ultimate is the suitable mouse for fps-type games and have a claw or fingertip grip while Basilisk ultimate mouse is Great for palm grip and those who are Right-handers user. Check the best Extended Mouse Pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Razer Basilisk better than a viper?

Yes, Razer Basilisk is better in some points like battery time which is lasting up to 100hours. Razer viper is also a Great choice as Razer Basilisk is not fit for left-handed users.

Is Razer basilisk ultimate good for Fps games?

Yes, Razer Basilisk ultimate mice are great for fps games. It is suitable for almost all grip types

What is the best lightweight or heavy mouse for gaming?

A heavy mouse has more accuracy than a lighter mouse, so if you are a newbie and want accuracy then may be heavy work for you. But when it comes to mobility a lighter mouse is best for a movement like gaming. Most gamers use lighter mice for fps gaming.

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